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We craft captivating websites and innovative digital solutions to elevate your online presence and drive measurable results.

We are the best
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We seamlessly merge creativity, innovation, and technical expertise to deliver exceptional digital solutions

UI / UX design

We offer UI/UX design services that encompass the creation of visually captivating and intuitive interfaces while optimizing user satisfaction through enhanced usability, accessibility, and overall interaction with the product or website.

- User centric approach

- Improved conversions

- Increased engagement

- Modern and clean design

Web development

Our agency offers comprehensive web development services, combining cutting-edge technology, elegant design, and robust functionality to create dynamic and user-friendly websites tailored to our clients' unique needs.

- Easy management

- Optimised for SEO

- Mobile Responsiveness

- Speed and security


Empowering e-commerce success by creating seamless online stores with advanced technology, secure payments, easy inventory management and intuitive interfaces to drive sales and customer satisfaction.

- Secure payments

- Advanced filters

- Inventory management

- Discount system

How we do it?

Our web design and development process that has been perfected over years of hard work and dedication


Understanding your needs

This initial phase involves in-depth discussions with the client to understand their requirements, goals, and target audience. It includes gathering information about the website's purpose, desired features, content, and any specific functionalities needed.


Wireframing and design

In this step, a visual blueprint of the website is created through wireframing. It helps define the layout, structure, and navigation of the website. Once the wireframe is approved, the design phase begins, focusing on the aesthetics, branding, and user interface to create a visually appealing and engaging website.


Website development

The actual development process takes place in this step. It involves coding and programming the website's frontend and backend functionalities based on the approved design. This includes building the website's structure, integrating interactive elements, implementing features, and optimizing performance.


Launching and testing

After development, the website undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it functions properly across different devices, browsers, and screen sizes. Quality assurance checks, such as bug fixing, responsiveness testing, and performance optimization, are performed. Once all tests are passed, the website is launched, making it accessible to the public.

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Client testimonials
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Client testimonials

A job well done! The e-shop was designed according to all of our needs, and they were always taken into account and responded to quickly. Just a pleasure to work with! 🤩

Austėja L.

I'm glad I chose Respark studio. The work was done quickly and smoothly. They understood all our needs, which saved us a lot of time. With this team - all your project ideas will become a reality!

Brigita J.

The work was carried out according to our wishes. Fast and professional communication. Very good value for the money.

Tomas Z.

Respark gave us a free consultation and then helped us optimise the site, while integrating several other customised solutions. I highly recommend them! 👍

Saulius L.

A team of true professionals who know their job well and are always happy to answer questions and help with anything related to websites! 10/10.

Andrius S.

We are more than happy with the result! Respark studio has created a really professional website for us, which is helping us to attract more customers to our physical stores.

Virginija I.